Turner Nicholson

Turner Nicholson is a firm of specialist family lawyers with two offices, one situated in Clerkenwell, London and the other situated in a discreet village location half an hour north of Oxford. We act for clients in all legal aspects of relationship issues; not only divorce and financial settlement, but also helping parents agree practical and financial arrangements for their children.

We work to produce fair and legally persuasive pre- and post-nuptial agreements for those who want them. We also deal with the jurisdictional complications arising from marriages and other relationships that cross international boundaries and those that involve complex trust structures, private companies and inherited wealth.

We have a very clear philosophy. Our first rule is to protect and act in our client’s interests. Occasionally this can only be done by a very swift application to the courts, but such instances are rare.

In most cases the best outcome for separating couples and families in conflict is achieved by listening and negotiating. The route to an agreement may be as simple as some constructive telephone calls with another solicitor, or a number of well-managed round table meetings. Some clients prefer the Collaborative law approach; and others mediation, all of which we are able to offer.

Not all cases can be settled by negotiation and we have the experience to know when a court application has to be issued, and to pursue it robustly and effectively.

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