What We Do

Both name partners are well known and respected by other family practitioners as being highly principled and very successful in resolving disputes.

They have worked with leading specialists in other disciplines for the last twenty years and can call upon a network of financial advisors, tax experts, corporate and private client lawyers and therapeutic consultants and, through the International Academy of Family Lawyers, can access with speed and ease the best advice on foreign family law.

We Offer

  • Bespoke service
  • Extensive combined experience
  • Flexible approach to relationship breakdowns
  • Principled and cost effective advice

Divorce lawyers, particularly in London, can be a drain on family finances. By setting up a boutique firm which has an office in the City of London, but its foundation, and principal administrative arm, close to Banbury, Turner Nicholson is able to offer the expertise and benefits of a London firm, but at more attractive and affordable rates than most London firms and departments.